Restaurant Review: Food for Friends

Fresh ideas form the basis of delicious, wholesome meals at this veggie paradise in Brighton’s Lanes

Next time you’re wandering through Brighton’s famous Lanes, make sure you stop in at Food for Friends, a hotspot for vegetarian food that’s sure to satisfy anyone’s hunger, no matter what their eating habits are.

With over 30 years’ experience and copious amounts of praise, the award-winning Food for Friends is Brighton’s original vegetarian restaurant. Offering something for even the most health-conscious, vegan or gluten-free diners, and with the finest, locally sourced ingredients at its disposal, it’s no wonder the eatery has received national recognition.

In one of Brighton’s most sought-after locations, this is the place for afternoon dating in an open and airy setting. If you can, try to sit by the windows, where you’ll get an almost panoramic view of the quirky Lanes, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be gently warmed by the sun’s rays while you enjoy your date.

As I have Italian blood coursing through my veins, vegetarianism is a word that’s barely in my vocabulary; however, there wasn’t a thing on the menu that I didn’t want to try. A converted sceptic, I entered the restaurant expecting flavourless tofu salads and limp vegetables stewing in their own sadness, but instead found a menu packed full of vibrant, flavoursome dishes.

We started off with the goat’s cheese, sweet potato and basil arancini and chickpea and carrot scotch eggs, followed by the generous halloumi burger and a warming leek, carrot and parmesan pie. The depth of flavour, texture and heartiness of the food more than compensated for the lack of meat, which within 30 seconds of my starter touching my lips had become a distant memory.

The staff were very friendly and seemed to be having a genuinely good time. It would be hard to go to Food for Friends and not have your mood instantly lifted, which makes it ideal for a first date.

Whether you’re a dedicated veggie or a raging carnivore, you’ll love Food for Friends.

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